VitaMuffin Review

I have been scouring the grocery store for weeks looking for these little chocolate muffins – unsuccessfully, until last week.  My local Hannaford now stocks them in the organic freezer section near the Ezekiel bread (which I’m also dying to try).

I first heard about VitaMuffins from Hungry girlShe just raves about them.  She even has a game on her site called “Whack-a-Snack” that give you a 5% off coupon code at  They also receive a lot of hype on the Weight Watcher Boards due to the fact that most of varieties are only 1 point.  This is big news in the dieting world.  Guilt free, good-for-you chocolate.  Vitalicious even claims they are better for you than eating an apple!

Chart courtesy of

 The charts don’t lie.  50% of most of your daily vitamins!  The 2oz Deep Chocolate variety that I bought even had 6 grams of fiber!  Wow!

But how do they taste?

Mostly good.  I wouldn’t expect fireworks in your mouth, but they were pretty tasty.  The variety that I bought comes frozen. recommends that you:

Thaw at room temperature for about 30 minutes or remove them from their package and defrost for 10-15 seconds in the microwave.

I didn’t do that the first time, so they were a little dry and well, frozen.  But the second time I allowed them to thaw for a while and they were much better. 

Would I buy them again?

Honestly, i’m not sure.  They were a great snack for 1pt, but they were also very pricey – $4.99 for a 4-pack (yikes, right?).   I may try their vitamuffin mix which is more versital.  Roni over at Weight Watchen had a contest a few months back using VitaMix.  She got some really great responses including:  Raspberry Chocolate Waffle Cups, and my favorite VitaBrownie Pizza

What do you think?  I want to hear your opinions on VitaMuffins!


*Hot* Dog

According to my MPM yesterdays dinner was *suppose* to consist of lentil chili and homemade foccacia bread.   Homemade bread on a Thursday?  I’m a working girl (not that kind), what was I thinking?  Add to that, we had friends coming over on a “school” night to watch Lost so dinner needed to be quick!

I substituted the foccacia bread for hot dogs!  Diet friendly hot dogs to be specific.  I read lots of blogs during the day and Hebrew National 97% Fat Free franks get mentioned a lot (read about them here and here and on Hungry Girl).  So yesterday I decided to try them. 

For one point I thought they were really good.  I ate them with a Country kitchen light wheat bun for a total of 2 pts!  I like that they are low points, but they definitely don’t compare to the real thing.  Before I found these I had been eating Oscar Mayer Light Wieners (he he he) for 2pts and I think they taste more authentic.

97% FF Hot Dogs

Lentil Chili

Since we had friends over I decided to make (read: buy) a diet friendly dessert – Angel Food Cake.  It’s not DH’s favorite, but he ate it because it’s one of the only sweet things left in the house – besides me of course.  Fresh berries and Free coolwhip made this dessert a mere three points. I love entertaining and staying OP (on point).

It feels like your being naughty, but your not!  What could be better?