Foodie Blogs

Dotti’s Weight Loss ZoneDWLZ is a great place to visit for anyone on Weight Watchers (hi!).  I frequently visit her “Restaurant” section where she has NI and point values for participating restaurants. 

Hungry Girl – This website is a great resource for people on Weight Watchers or just plain watching calories. Hungry Girl always has the latest and greatest finds. I especially like her “chew the right thing” section where she compares two different ways to make the same dish, with one much, much lighter. It comes in handy when I’m making dinner for Mister Disagreeable.

Roni’s Weight WatchingThis is one of my favorites. Roni is so encouraging. She too is was? on Weight Watchers. She posts several of her healthy Green Lite Bites on her recipe site and includes the point values!

The Daily PlateThis is a great calorie counting resource.  It has the nutritional information for darn near everything you eat.  They are a little lacking on NI for wild game however.  


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