About Me

I’m Amanda. Cereal Serial Dieter.

I’m a twenty-something wife, office goddess and wanna be_________ (too many to list). I love to bake and cook for my very disagreeable husband. Luckily, he’s not disagreeable about everything, just food. His culinary likes include: Denny’s Chicken Fingers, McDonalds, Pizza, and a few choice meats and potatoes fried in animal lard. His dislikes include: everything else. I sigh a lot in the kitchen.

I’m often guilty of making two different meals (think short order cook). One for him and a lighter, healthier version for me. I’m slowly trying to trick deceive get him to eat more nutritious meals we both enjoy.

I joined Weight Watchers in late January 2008 and am excited to see the pounds coming off! Join me on my weight loss journey. I’m sure it will be a bumpy ride.

Feel free to email me at amandacwheeler@maine.rr.com whenever you’d like. I’d love to hear from you!

This is me:

Can’t get enough? I also blog here!

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11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi! You posted on my blog asking me about group power. Group Power is an hour long weight lifting class that is set to music. It works every major muscle group one song per muscle. HTH! (: Danielle

    PS Good luck on your journey. Your pictures are beautiful.

  2. Hi! I found you blog on MPM. I love it! I bookmarked a bunch of recipes. I have a picky-ish husband too, but he is coming around… slowly. I have been sneaking stuff into his meals for years now.

    I did WW starting last July and I just hit my lifetime goal, so I love that you post with points and WW info!

  3. Tanya Hall says:

    I just found your site this morning while sipping on my morning coffee. We had so much snow in the last 36 hours that I could cry!
    Anyway, your site is fabulous and you have done so much since January! You should go in to business writing recipes! I have now copied down your Moroccan Chicken Soup and your cookies! Thank you so much!
    I have been involved in the WW program since late September and have lost 27 lbs. I am struggling though to stay motivated and energized. I wish I had what others seem to have in that they can stay motivated to get what they want – to lose weight…I just waiver almost hourly on this.

    Anyway, today is a fresh start and I know I will have a good week. Thank you for your posts…I loved the one where you said that for exercise you drewled on yourself….
    Take care and thanks for your wonderful information.
    Tanya (from Canada)

  4. Amy Parrish says:

    Great Blog!!! I have been doing WW off and on since May of 2006, and now I am going to finish. I saw your website on one of the WW message boards today, and I must say I am so excited to try some of your recipies. Hopefuly I can make some of these for my lil sis and she will be eating healthy without knowing it. She’s not really picky, she just prefers the unhealthy stuff. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. BethT says:

    hi Amanda – I saw your post on Kath’s blog and thought you looked familiar – I’m a Weight Watcher too and have been to your site before! Keep up the good work!

  6. my sig. other only likes chick-fil-a, JITB, whataburger and mcdonald’s so i can totally relate.

    your culinary creations (and pictures) are BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Amanda, I’ve just reupped at WW myself. I’m a lifetime member (30 pounds from goal, gulp) and you are right about preparation being the key to weight loss. I’m determined (this time) to get back to goal. I’m going to bookmark your blog. I use a lot of Cooking Light and WW recipes, but I really try to take “real” food and lighten it myself. Good luck.

  8. You are gorgeous!

    I love cereal myself too. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch AND supper! I mix All-Bran flakes with almonds! And they taste oh-so- good. However, just recently, I found out that All-Bran flakes have HFCS. And so do the generic store brand ones that I tend to buy. -sigh-

  9. Hi Amanda,
    Love the blog. My favorite thing about your blog is the photos of all the delicious food. Yum! Thanks for reminding us that healthy food can look and taste delicious. I look forward to reading more about your weight loss success. I lost 40+ pounds with WW as my guide. I’ve maintained that for 3 years and learned a lot along the way. Bravo to you for sharing your journey!

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