Weekly Meal Plan

When I started this blog back in 2008 my life looked a lot different.  I was married (still am), trying to lose weight (still am) and childless (happy to report…1 child!).  The needs of my family have changed and my dieting tune has too.

I’m not doing fad diets anymore.  Hear that self?

Instead, I’m trying to steer this family toward whole foods, no preservatives and organic-ish.  This is complicated by the fact that my daughter has some severe food allergies.  So nothing in our house contains, is manufactured in the same facility, or in any way resembles eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, or peas.  Lots of restrictions, but thankfully dairy is no longer on that list because this girl loves cheese.  A lot.

Every week I make a meal plan to keep on track and to help save $$$ at the grocery store. I plan ahead and try to plan my meals around “what on sale this week”.  This trick saves money and helps my budget allow for the purchase of more organic foods.

Here’s “What’s for Dinner” next week:

Monday:  Champagne Risotto with Peppers & Asparagus

Tuesday:  Turkey burgers on homemade buns, Alexia onion rings & mixed veggies

Wednesday:   Caprese paninis on homemade focaccia, wild rice & sweet potato and arugula salad

Thursday:  Chicken, rice & parmesan skillet

I saw this recipe in this months Cooking Light magazine and knew it was right up my alley. I’m going to use leftover wild rice from Wednesday to replace the white rice the recipe calls for.

Friday:  Homemade Pizza & Salad

Every Friday I make homemade dough in my bread machine.  I ♥ my bread machine.  We can’t order out due to my daughter’s food allergies, so this meal is our version of “take out”. Except I still have to do dishes.