It’s time…

to dust off this old blog.   The poor thing has been neglected for months.  Yet, I still get hundreds (literally) of hits a day and almost weekly e-mails from people.  Thank you for sticking with me – even when I couldn’t.

There is no good excuse for the desertion.  There is also no good excuse for the 10lbs that found there way back on my rear end.  Hump.

If I were honest with myself I guess I should say that I just gave up.  Life got really hard and counting points and exercising took a back burner.  So far back that it wasn’t even on the proverbial stove.

My husband and I started infertility treatments last April, shortly after posting got noticeably sparse.   Instead of counting calories I was counting days:  cycle days, calender days, days ’till I have to do this or that.  My focus shifted.

Months later I’m still figuring things out.  We’re still doing treatments, but now I understand more than ever the principle of balance. 

So I’m back.  Back counting, back-on-track (fingers crossed) and it feels good!


3 thoughts on “It’s time…

  1. Tammy says:

    I love your website and am glad to see you’re back. I’ve been through all the fertility treatments too. Don’t give up – it took us close to two years for the treatments to work and I now have a little girl who’s 18 months. I just started WW again to lose the baby weight and we hope to have another one in the future. If you need any advice about all the TTC crazyness, feel free to email me.

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