Healthy Buttermilk Chicken Fingers

Last night I made The Skinny Chef’s Healthy Buttermilk Chicken Fingers.  I’ve never made anything from her site before, but I was pleasantly surprised at how good the chicken fingers came out.  Even my husband ate them which says a lot. 

Click here for the recipe!

WWP:  7 for 3 fingers


3 thoughts on “Healthy Buttermilk Chicken Fingers

  1. Karen says:

    That recipe looks delish! I found your website via your link at SoulCysters – nice to meet a fellow yankee on the boards. I’m from NH although currently occupying space in NC. I’ll be checking back with you because I am in a “must loose weight” pickle and I can no longer stomach diets like Atkins. Best wishes on your weight loss!

  2. Hi Amanda,

    glad to hear that the chicken fingers came out great and that your hubby liked them!

    Would you mind posting your comment on my chicken finger page? Thanks,


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