This week has been restful.  We took a three day trip to Boston last weekend with friends.  It was a great time of sightseeing, laughing and walking.  But, now I’m tired.  I blogged about it here (along with a ton of pictures).

It’s been a tough week physically.  My burn is still excruciatingly painful.  Especially as it starts to heal.  I’m laying flat all night (sleeping) and when I get up and bend at the waist my 12 inch scar cracks and sticks to my clothes in several places.  It’s awful.  I’m so ready for it to be better.

I haven’t been doing the best with my points.  I still count everyday, but I’ve been going over.  Its hard to care when you don’t feel good.  This behavior has resulted in a 4lb gain.  Boo.

I need some encouragement!



5 thoughts on “Recovering

  1. laura says:

    Hey Amanda! I just want to say, think how far you’ve come already. your blog is such an inspiration. Stick it out dig deep for the motivation to lose. Its all in a positive attitude. If you think you can do it, well then you can.

  2. April says:

    Hey Amanda,
    I would just like to say firstly, don’t be too hard on yoruself about the 4lbs gain…life happens and you can’t let that stand in your way, or get in down in any which way. It is completely understandable to go over points, I speak from personal experience. I too follow the weight watchers points and just last week my son was here visiting so we had all the good food, i wouldn’t normally eat, so I gained also, but I am not letting it get me down, instead I know that today is another day and I am starting again (fridays are my weigh in days).
    I wish you a fast recovery from your burn, and hope it heals quickly for you.
    Have a good day!!
    take care

  3. I know the temptation for me whenever I’m establishing good habits is to want to throw the towel in when I mess up or lose ground, you know? Anyway, I just want to say that your motivation and hard work is remarkable! Tomorrow is a new day and you have come to far to not get back on track!!!!

  4. I can’t even imagine how that feels. I think it’s great that you’re still tracking. I saw in your next post that you’re cooking ahead too. I think that’ll help. Much easier to nuke instead of put together a whole meal, right? You’ll lose those 4 lbs as quickly as you found them 🙂 You’ve been doing a wonderful job and I’m sure this little setback — it really is a tiny setback in the grand scheme of things, isn’t it? — isn’t going to affect you for long!

    Have you made any recipes from the HG book? I want to get it so badly but not sure yet. I love the photos on her site.

  5. Rachel says:

    Hi! I gave myself the same burn the same way about three years ago. If you can, try to find a product called Biafine. It’s a French burn cream that works like a charm. Also, try covering the burn area with gauze, but don’t cover it tightly so that it can heal properly. Good luck, and I hope it heals quickly 🙂

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