Week Rewind: Part 2

I’m back from lunch and ready to share the last part of my week.  Missed the first part? Click here.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: Work days.  Get up, go to work, go to bed.  You know the kind. 

Monday, I made spinach & cheese stuffed shells for friends who recently lost their baby.  I made a few extra for myself for dinner that night.  Well worth the 12 points for 3. 

Tuesday, I experimented with my new Hungry Girl Cookbook and made a modified version her Meat-lovers Spaghetti with Tofu noodles.  This is my second time trying the tofu noodles and I must say the first time was MUCH better.  Maybe I couldn’t taste them over the strong flavor of the soup, but this time I wasn’t impressed.  In fact I ate the turkey meatballs and threw the rest away.  I feel like barfing just thinking about it.  Ugh.

Wednesday, we had to eat dinner fast so we grabbed a $5.00 Little Cesar’s cheese pizza.  4 points per slice for cheese is not bad in my book.  Not bad at all.  Obviously, we won’t be making a habit of eating it for nutritional reasons but it’s good once in a while as a treat.


Thursday:  I have Thursday’s off now due to cut backs at work.  I was really sad at first, but I’m learning to love the extra day.  Don’t worry, I’m not sitting around watching Day’s of Our Lives or anything.  Yesterday, I actually babysat a friends daughter while she went to a doctors appointment.  You’ve met her before….remember?  We made cinnamon flax sconeslast time she came over and this time she was ready to bake again!  I convinced her to eat lunch first (I thought this was wise considering we were about to make brownies).  Her mother packed a blue box of spiderman shaped macaroni & cheese and she was more than happy to eat the entire thing.  This kid is an eater! 

 I bought that chef’s hat and apron at a garage sale a few weeks ago.  I though she would love to wear it when she comes to my house to cook.  Boy was I right!   We couldn’t pry it off of her when it was time to leave.

 Carefully mixing the batter.  We made a standard low-fat box brownie mix.  I usually make Black Bean Brownies (2pts), but since we were making these to give away we went with the classic box variety.

Things got a little messy toward the end…


Up next (read: tomorrow):  Chicken Marsala, more creations from the Hungry Girl Cookbook and 5 year Anniversary cuisine. 


Spring Pasta Salad

This salad deserves it’s own post – it’s that good. Oh my.

Spring Pasta Salad
(Click here for a Printable recipe)

I don’t have a lot of experience with asparagus or squash. In fact I’ve exhausted a lot of energy avoiding these two vegetables quite successfully for the last 20ish years. Last week though for some reason I brought them both home from the grocery store and came up with this pasta salad. I hope you try it – I really like it, and the husband actually ate it.

Look at the nutritional information for Asparagus! It’s crazy good for you!



  1. Grill Asparagus and squash on indoor grill until soft. Set aside to cool.

  1. Slice tomatoes, olives, pepperoni & cheese into bite size pieces.

  1. In a large bowl combine pasta (cooked), veggies and fat free Italian dressing.
  2. Serve or cool in refrigerator.

Yield: 8cups
WWP: 3 (1/2c portion)

Click here for printable recipe of Spring Pasta Salad

Week Rewind

We all know I haven’t been blogging this week, so what have I been up to?

Saturday:  My husband, and fellow youth group leader, took our teens to see The Chronicles of Narnia:  Prince Caspian.    It was another great movie by Disney.  It did deviate from the book a little too much for my husbands liking, but if you don’t study the works of C.S. Lewis on a daily basis you probably wouldn’t have noticed the difference.  I certainly didn’t.  I’m sorry to say that I did indulge in a little movie theather popcorn.  Bad, Amanda.  I could should have brought my own snacks like one of these choices:  Kettle Korn Mini Bag (1 Point) , Fiber 1 Bar (3 points for the Peanut Butter one), even taking Almond M&M’s(5 points) would have been better than the fatty-full-of-bad-calories Movie popcorn.  Oye.

For more choices read:  Eat Smart at the Movies

SundayAfter church we met friends at Old Orchard Beach for a little seaside fishin’.  It was positively freezing!!!  I didn’t last too long so my friend Jessica and I went home to prepare the feast:

Jessica’s Homemade Salsa – 0pts per 1/2c.
(Click for Printable Recipe!)

Grilled Hamburgers, Hotdogs and Brats and…

Spring Pasta Salad – 3pts per 1/2c.
(Click for Printable Recipe!)

OK, my fingers are tired from typing.  I need to refuel, get some lunch and then I’ll be back to share more good times from last Monday to today.