Food Journal – Monday

Breakfast: 8
Plain Bagel, Dunkin Donuts (6pts)
Light Cream Cheese, Dunkin Donuts (1.5pts)
Ice Coffee with Skim milk & Splenda, Dunkin Donuts (.5pts)

Morning Snack: 2
Light String Cheese, Frigo (1pt)
Fiber 1 Yogurt (1pt)

Lunch: 6
2c. Mixed Greens (0pts)
20g Dried Cranberries (1.5pts)
12g. Reduced Fat Blue Cheese (1pts)
Red onion (0pts)
70g. Leftover Chicken (1.5pts)
3 TBSP Fat Free Balsamic dressing, Maple Grove Farms (0pts)
2 South Beach Peanut Butter Cookies (2pts)
No sugar added peaches, Del Monte (0pts)
20oz. Water (0pts)

Afternoon Snack – 3
Kettle Korn (1pt)
1/3c. Frozen Yogurt (2pts)

Dinner: 14
3c. Salad (same as lunch except I added Walnuts) – (7pts)
140g. Sweet Potato “Fries”, McCain (4pts)
Sugar Free Jello Pudding Cup (1pt)
Mixed nuts (2pt)

Evening Snack: 3
Fiber 1 Granola Bar (3pts)

Total Points for the day: 37

Daily Activity Log
1 Hour walk


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