Food Journal – Monday

Breakfast: Cereal – 4.5
1/2c. Fiber 1 Cereal, General Mills (0pts)
1/2c. Heart to Heart Cereal, Kashi (1pt)
1c. Puffs, Kashi (1pt)
2/3c. Skim Milk (1pts)
1 medium Banana (1.5pt)

Morning Snack: Granola bar – 2
Peanut butter Granola Bar, Kashi

Lunch: Veggie Lasagna – 8
Frozen Lasagna, SmartOnes (6pts)
Sugar Free Pudding Cup, Jello (1pt)
Pear (1pt)

Afternoon Snack: Kettle Korn – 1

Dinner: White Bean and Barley Risotto with Kabasa and Spinach – 10

Evening Snack: Pumpkin Whoppie Pie with Sugar free ice cream – 6

Total Points for the day: 32.5

Daily Activity Log
10 Minutes of jogging, 20 minutes brisk walk, 1o minutes crunches on exercise ball

Monday Weigh-In