Beans n’ Cornbread

Beans n’ Cornbread

Strawberry Salad with Almonds and Fat Free Balsamic


as my husbands says “The food, my food eats”

I needed some comfort food tonight.  It’s Thursday and it’s the first night I’ve been home all week.  I’m so tired and cranky.  I’m off schedule (not diet wise) and I haven’t exercised all week.  Ick.

It’s been a classic bad week.  Monday we took a very sick friend to the ER and ended up staying for around 8 hours.  She’s better now.  She was treated at the same hospital my husbands Aunt is at.  She had breast cancer surgery last week and is still recovering.

Tuesday, my boss dropped a big bomb.  I work for a small church and tithing is down, so we are all getting our hours cut, even the Pastor.  Gulp.  Beans n’ Cornbread may be a staple at our house (they might could).

Tuesday, I also cut off all my hair.

Yesterday we found out that my husbands Aunt (who’s only 50) caught MRSA or a strep infection.  This is no good.  She had to have another surgery today.  It’s not looking super.

So yeah.  I need encouragement.  I also need a nap, a pedicure and chocolate cake (weight watchers, of course).

(Do you hear that tiny violin?)


4 thoughts on “Beans n’ Cornbread

  1. Too bad about the week so far, sorry to hear all that. I think a nap and chocolate cake are the best solutions right now. But beans and cornbread aren’t so bad. What sort of cornbread recipe did you use?

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