Saturday Supper

It’s a lazy Saturday ’round these parts. My husband and I took twenty screaming teenagers to a concert last night for youth group (Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet!). It was great. Hot, but great. Loud and scream-y, but great. It was “neat” to hear Skillet again. Skillet was my very first CD purchase way back in 1996. Funny they are still so popular today. (I posted a few pictures here)

As a result of being up WAY past our bedtimes we slept through breakfast and have been lazing around the house. I’ve been cooking up a storm though. Tonight we will be having: Pot roast with veggies, Wheat Berry and Wild Rice Salad and Pesto Flax Wheat Bread.

The one tragic thing, is that our camera broke over the weekend. So pictures will be few for a few days until we can agree on the replacement (how many votes for a Canon Rebel! – ME!).

Recipes for “Saturday Supper” are on their way!

Click “read more” for Friday’s Food Journal!

Breakfast -6.5
1c. Autumn Harvest Shredded Wheat, Kashi (3pts)
1/2c. Puffed Wheat, Kashi (1pt)
3/4c. Skim milk (1.5pts)
4oz Light Orange Juice, Tropicana (.5pts)

Lunch – 10
3c. Baby Greens (.5pt)
1c. Baby Spinach (0pts)
2oz. Diced Chicken (2pts)
Reduced Fat Feta (2pts)
Cucumbers (0pts)
Dried Cranberries (1.5pts)
Red Onion (0pts)
1/4c. Black Beans (.5pts)
Fat Free Vinegrette (1.5pts)
1c. Watermelon (1pt)
1 Philly Swirl Ice Pop (1pt)

Dinner – Skillet Concert – 10
Hamburger, McDonalds (6pts)
4 Nuggets, McDonalds (4pts)
Diet Coke

12am Snack – 6
2 pcs Light toast (1pt)
2 eggs (4pts)
Light swiss cheese (1pt)
Spinach (0pts)

Total Points for the Day: 33.5

Activity for the Day-

5 mile brisk walk with Molly (our Basset…she was dying by the end 🙂


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