Food Journal – Thursday

Breakfast – 6
1/2c. Puffed Cereal, Kashi (.5pts)
1/2c. Fiber 1 Cereal (0pts)
1/2c. Go Lean, Kashi (1pt)
1/2c. Heart to Heart, Kashi (1pt)
12g. Unsalted Organic Peanuts (1pt)
3/4c. Skim Milk (1.5pts)
Blackberry Pomegranate Tea (0pts)
16.9oz Water (0pts)
8oz Light Orange Juice, Tropicana (1pt)

Lunch – 8
3oz Leftover Diet Coke Chicken (4pts)
Whole Wheat Bun, Weight Watchers (2pts)
English Toffee Bar, Weight Watchers (2pts)
20oz. Sparkling water (0pts)

Snack – 2
Fruit Leather (1pt)
Light String Cheese, Frigo Head (1pt)

Dinner – 12
Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken, McDonalds (6pts)
Southwest Dressing, Newman’s Own (3pts)
Yogurt Parfait (3pts)
Diet Coke (0pts)

Evening Snack – 2
Giant Fudge Bar, Weight Watchers (2pts)

Total Points for the Day: 30

Daily Activity:
Shopped for 3 hours (walking?) 🙂