Food Journal – Tuesday & Wednesday

Breakfast – 5
1/2c. Fiber 1 cereal (0pts)
1/2c. Go Lean Crunch, Kashi (1pt)
1/2c. Heart to Heart, Kashi (1pt)
1c. Skim milk (2pts)
8oz. Light Orange juice, Tropicana (1pt)
1tsp Milled Flax Seed (0pts)
33oz Water (0pts)

Morning Snack – 2
Canned Pinnaple, no sugar (2pts)

Lunch – 12
1.5c. Tomato Soup, Campbell’s Healthy Choice (5pts)
35g. Elbow macaroni (2.5pts)
3/4c. Skim milk (1.5pts)
1 srv. Kashi TLC crackers (2pts)
1 sugar free Swirl pop (1pt)

Afternoon Snack – 1
Kettle Korn (1pt)

Dinner – 16.5
1c. Brown Rice (4pts)
1/2c. Black Beans (1pt)
1/2c. Frozen Corn (1pt)
2 Corn Tortillas, fat free, Mission (3pts)
1 Chicken breast, Perdu Perfect Portion (3pts)
1/8c. Ketcup (.5pts)
1/3c. Reduced Fat shredded Mexican cheese, Weight Watchers (2pts)
1 Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookie (2pts)

Evening Snack – 2
Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Bar, Weight Watchers (2pts)

Total Points for the day: 40

Daily Activity Log
Treadmill:  20 min brisk walk, 20 min jogging


Breakfast – 7.5
Whole wheat bagel, Dunkin Donuts (6pts)
1oz Light cream cheese, Dunkin Donuts (1.5pt)
20oz Water (0pts)

Lunch – 8
6″ Subway Club on wheat (6pts)
Light mayonnaise (1pt)
Light Lays Chips (1pt)
Diet Coke

Afternoon Snack – 2.5
Light String Cheese, Frigo (1pt)
3 Hershey kisses (1.5pts)
20oz Water

Dinner – 11
6″ Subway Club on wheat (6pts)
Light mayonnaise (1pt)
1 srv. Baked lays (2pts)
Cookies & Cream ice cream bar (2)

Total Points for the day: 29

Daily Activity Log
1 hour walk OUTSIDE. It was glorious. I’m so glad spring is here!


3 thoughts on “Food Journal – Tuesday & Wednesday

  1. I’m going to post this again because I commented on an older post 🙂

    Hi Amanda! As you’ve seen a couple people like you have inspired me to start my own blog! I am very excited! However…I’m using WordPress too and am having a hard time importing a picture. Did you have any problems with this? When I click on “Insert in Post” it just pops up a black and white blank screen and doesn’t do anything

  2. Hey Melissa!

    I’m glad you started a blog, its a great way to keep yourself accountable! Good for you!

    Ok pictures. WordPress just changed everything around which is annoying. There are two ways to upload a picture. There is a picture icon in full color on the toolbar, it should pop up with a place to put a http:// address (I host my pictures on Flickr or Photobucket). You need to right click on the picture to get the address then paste it where it asks for an http:// address.

    The other way – again, on the toolbar is a little “TV” looking icon in grey. If you run your mouse over it but don’t click it should say “upload picture”. This lets you upload pics for your hard drive.

    I’m not sure why your getting a black screen. What program are you using? Internet Explorer or Firefox? I do all my blogging in firefox and haven’t had any problems. IE has a few known bugs, that may be one of them. You can download Firefox for free at

    Hope this helps! If not e-mail me at amandacwheeler(at) or see the WP help boards (they know WAY more than I do!)

    Good luck!

    Amanda 🙂

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