Organic Beef

I have a few weird (hereditary- thanks Mom!) things going on with my hormon- ies (think Big Fat Greek Wedding), so my doctor suggested that I switch to all organic meats.   She said the hormones injected into regular meat, mainly beef can cause things to go “out of wack”.  Has anyone done research on this, or made the leep to all things organic?  Do you notice a difference?  I want to hear your opinions.

Truthfully, I’m more than a little skeptical ( I get that from my husband) about the whole organic meat thing.  Is a farmer really not going to treat a sick animal just for the sake of being “organic”?  I don’t get it.

Is organic meat really safer?

Is it better for you?

Is it really worth the extra money?


Food Journal – Tuesday & Wednesday

Breakfast – 5
1/2c. Fiber 1 cereal (0pts)
1/2c. Go Lean Crunch, Kashi (1pt)
1/2c. Heart to Heart, Kashi (1pt)
1c. Skim milk (2pts)
8oz. Light Orange juice, Tropicana (1pt)
1tsp Milled Flax Seed (0pts)
33oz Water (0pts)

Morning Snack – 2
Canned Pinnaple, no sugar (2pts)

Lunch – 12
1.5c. Tomato Soup, Campbell’s Healthy Choice (5pts)
35g. Elbow macaroni (2.5pts)
3/4c. Skim milk (1.5pts)
1 srv. Kashi TLC crackers (2pts)
1 sugar free Swirl pop (1pt)

Afternoon Snack – 1
Kettle Korn (1pt)

Dinner – 16.5
1c. Brown Rice (4pts)
1/2c. Black Beans (1pt)
1/2c. Frozen Corn (1pt)
2 Corn Tortillas, fat free, Mission (3pts)
1 Chicken breast, Perdu Perfect Portion (3pts)
1/8c. Ketcup (.5pts)
1/3c. Reduced Fat shredded Mexican cheese, Weight Watchers (2pts)
1 Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookie (2pts)

Evening Snack – 2
Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Bar, Weight Watchers (2pts)

Total Points for the day: 40

Daily Activity Log
Treadmill:  20 min brisk walk, 20 min jogging


Breakfast – 7.5
Whole wheat bagel, Dunkin Donuts (6pts)
1oz Light cream cheese, Dunkin Donuts (1.5pt)
20oz Water (0pts)

Lunch – 8
6″ Subway Club on wheat (6pts)
Light mayonnaise (1pt)
Light Lays Chips (1pt)
Diet Coke

Afternoon Snack – 2.5
Light String Cheese, Frigo (1pt)
3 Hershey kisses (1.5pts)
20oz Water

Dinner – 11
6″ Subway Club on wheat (6pts)
Light mayonnaise (1pt)
1 srv. Baked lays (2pts)
Cookies & Cream ice cream bar (2)

Total Points for the day: 29

Daily Activity Log
1 hour walk OUTSIDE. It was glorious. I’m so glad spring is here!