Food Journal – Monday

Breakfast: Bagel -7.5

Whole Wheat Bagel, Dunkin Donuts (6pts)

Light Cream Cheese (1.5pts)

40oz. Water (0pts) – I was rather thirsty

Morning Snack – Granola Bar – 2

Cherry & Chocolate Granola bar, Kashi (2pts)

16.9oz Water

Lunch – Lentil Chili -8

1 srv. Lentil Chili (6pts)

Sugar Free Apple Sauce (1pt)

Tootsie Roll (1pt)

Afternoon Snack – Kettle Korn – 1

DinnerGrilled Chicken Sandwich & Sweet Potato Fries – 11

Grilled Chicken, Perdu Perfect Portion (3pts)

Sweet Potato Fries (3pts)

Olive Oil (1pt)

Whole Wheat Hamburger bun (2pt)

Light Mayo (1pt)

Sugar free Swirl Pop (1pt)

Evening Snack – Peanut Butter Pumpkin Chocolate chip Cookies – 4

Total Points for the day: 32.5

Daily Activity Log



Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday

I got rather off track this past week, but still managed to lose -1.5lbs. I don’t know what I did to deserve that, but I’ll take it! Granted we did have a c-r-a-z-y week with a family member passing away, another family member in the hospital and so on. I’ve noticed that I tend to derail when life becomes stressful. I need to work on that!

So today, it’s back to eating healthy and exercising. I’m actually excited. I’ve felt like a water buffalo for the past two days and I think it’s because we’ve been eating out so much and lazing around.

Menu for the week:

Monday: Mediterranean Meatloaf Muffins (i’ll post the recipe tongiht!) and Sweet Potato Fries

Tuesday: Grill night! Stuffed Turkey Burgers, Salad and Black Bean Brownies

Wednesday: Black Bean and Rice Enchilladas

Thursday: Life Group Night (we go to someone’s house for dinner!)

Friday: Skillet Concert for Youth Group. DH and teens will hit the concessions hard; I’ll probably pack a sandwich & fruit.