Food Journal – Monday & Tuesday (I’m behind this week!)

Ok, sorry for the delay. Life is getting in the way of my blogging. Annoying, I know.

Monday in Black, Tuesday in Blue

1c. Kashi Puffs (1pt)
1/2c. Fiber 1 (0pts)
1/2c. Kashi Heart to Heart (1pt)
Small banana (1.5pts)
Light Orange Juice, Tropicana (1pt)
Total for Monday: 4.5

Mediteraninan Scramble
1 egg (2pts)
1/3c. Egg beaters (1pt)
30g. Reduced Fat feta (1.5pts)
3 Olives (.5pts)
Tomato, Red Onion, Garlic (opts)
Garlic & Herb Wrap, La Tortilla Factory(0pts)
Mandarin Orange Tea (0pts)
Total: 5


Lunch with my DH
Whole Wheat 9″ pizza with low-fat cheese, olives, spinach and tomatoes (Est. 15)
Diet Coke

None! Doctor’s appt. ran way long.

1 srv Leftover Buffalo Chicken Lasagna (5pts)
16oz Skim milk (3.5pts)
200g. Sweet Potato “fries” (3.5pts)
1 tsp. Olive Oil (1pt)
Total: 13

Women’s Movie Night & Potluck at our house!
1 srv Lentil Chili (6pts)
2 Stuffed Shells (Est. 8?)
3/4c. Couscous with cranberries & pinenuts (Est. 6)
1 Pumpkin cupcake (3)
Total: 23


Total Points for the day: 38/37

Daily Activity Log
25 minutes of Kathy Smith step video…O.M.G.
None! My legs are killing me.


7 thoughts on “Food Journal – Monday & Tuesday (I’m behind this week!)

  1. oh WOWZA…Can I crawl inside of that cupcake and make it a permanent residence please? Oh man it looks so incredible! Like, it’s not okay.

  2. I can’t get enough couscous either, but last night I made the Hodgson Mill parmesan flavored kind and it was not very good! I prefer the plain or the garlic!

  3. I enjoy the Tofu Shirataki’s…Hungry Girl’s Lo Mein makes the BEST use of them! I actually find that they don’t fill me up like people say they do. I mean, I have to eat an entire package with a protein/fat, etc to feel settled, but of course that’s how every meal should be! 🙂

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