Food Journal – Friday

Breakfast: Granola Bar – 3.5
Ice coffee with skim milk and splenda, Dunkin Donuts (.5pts)
Oatmeal & peanut butter bar, Fiber 1 (3pts)

Morning Snack: String Cheese – 1
Light string cheese, Frigo (1pt)

Lunch: Flatout Pizza & Fruit – 7.5
1 Italian Herb tortilla, Flatout (1pt)
2tbsp FREE Ranch Dressing, Kraft (1pt)
2oz leftover Diet Coke Chicken (2pts)
1/2 small purple onion (0pts)
Spinach (0pts)
1tbsp Real Bacon Bits, Hormel (1pt)
1/3c. shredded cheese, Weight Watchers (2pts)
1c. Strawberries & grapes (.5pts)


Dinner: Covered Dish Good Friday Dinner at Church -18(est)

Turkey Lasagna, Mac N’ Cheesey, Salad, Broccoli & Mexican Soup (not pictured)


Total Points for the day: 34.5

Daily Activity Log
Core ball for beginners DVD (40 minutes)

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