Shop ’til you drop…literally


I’ve been all over God’s creation today. Early this morning, coffee in hand, I went to Sam’s Club, Hannaford and the Christmas Tree shop picking up items for tomorrow’s Good Friday covered dish dinner at church. Part of my job is organizing events. Have I mentioned that I work for a church? Well, now I did. Check it out here.

After I gathered my supplies for work I went and did my own grocery shopping. DH’s family is arriving Saturday for the night and will be staying through Easter dinner (leaving before dishes have been washed, I suspect). We are having pot roast. This is a major compromise on my part. But, that’s what you have to do when your married, compromise. The good news is the cupboards are stocked again!

Beans, soups, peanut butter, stock, corn meal, etc…

Cereal cabinet, spices, Kashi cookies, etc…

Grocery shopping has been a challenge as of late. It’s hard to buy healthy food and stay on budget. Has anyone else noticed how much groceries have gone up in the last month? Oye! My favorite purchase of today, hands down, is this:

Individual flavored splenda packs. I can’t wait for coffee tomorrow morning!



3 thoughts on “Shop ’til you drop…literally

  1. freepersonaltrainer says:

    ooooh let me know how the splenda is, I’ve been wanting to try that!

    My cupboard hasnt been that stocked in a long time. Don’t you just love when you have so many choices?

  2. That is too funny, I work at a church too! Not the church I attend though, I’m just an employee. We have a lot in common it seems 🙂 I am having my parents over for a not so WW friendly meal but I will just eat small portions. I have a WW pot roast recipe in my blog, it’s really good! Hope you have a happy Easter 🙂

  3. Don’t go too crazy with those artificial sweeteners!! I use them sparingly, but the better option is to try to decrease your dependence on sugar and just use the real stuff sparingly but enjoy every bite. I assure you it’s much more satisfying!

    Speaking of sugar, I see that you have some peanut butter! I just posted about a wonderful sweet peanut butter flavor that doesn’t use too much sugar but is incredibly sweet and satisfying: Honey Roasted Peanut Butter. Perhaps that’ll help satisfy your sweet tooth. Although maybe a little Splenda isn’t a bad thing if you plan on having pounds of sugar this coming weekend. Peeps by the pound!!!!

    Peanut Butter Boy

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