Food Journal – Wednesday

This week has been annoying. Things have gone wrong, parts of our car have flown off, family members have been sick, laundry has piled up, and time & patience have been short. One good thing has come out of this though. Instead of stuffing my face when I’m stressed, I’ve been jogging. Weird

Breakfast: Bagel – 7.5
Plain bagel, Dunkin Donuts (6pts)
Light cream cheese (1.5pts)
Ice coffee with Skim & Splenda (.5pts)

3 minutes later as I am about to spread a teeny bit of cream cheese on my bagel we hear a noise. It sounds and feels like our little Honda had just run over a hippo. Maybe we fell in a Honda-size pot hole I joked, half kidding. The pot holes around here as just ridiculous.

We made it to Midas (thank you Lord) and handed our car over to BOB (I forgot to take my ice coffee out of the car!!!!). “Come back in 8 hours” he said. Sigh.

Morning Snack: Small banana-1

Lunch: Leftovers – 11
White Bean and Barley Risotto with Kebasa and Spinach (10pts)
Sugar free diced peaches (opts)

9 hours later we have a new water heater, belts and new tubes (or something like that). And, because BOB is so stinking cool, our bill came to $41.00. He remembered (we didn’t) that we replaced our water heater, belts and tubes about a year ago. He felt that they shouldn’t have crapped out on us so soon so he called the manufacturer who is replacing everything for FREE. What a blessing.

My husband called in the afternoon with more big news. He got a 10% raise today! Woohoo! We went to Bugaboo to celebrate. His choice, not mine.

Dinner: Celebration Dinner – Oye.
Wheat bread (3-4pts est)
Blue Mountain Steak Salad (??? e-mailed Bugaboo to get NI! )

Total Points for the day: TBA

Daily Activity Log
Really sore today! Just stretching.


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