This morning’s weigh-in revealed two more pounds bit the dust this week. Hurray! That makes a grand total of 25 pounds! That’s like three gallons of milk!

I feel like I’ve been doing pretty well on the eating aspect of my diet, but the exercise is still challenging. I’m SO not a morning person, but I’ve been dragging myself out of bed at 5:30am every (well most) mornings to “play” treadmill. I’ve been jogging. Something I never thought I would do, or could do. But found out that I can. Granted, it ain’t pretty but it works.

My secret weapon though, is my husband. He’s been so supportive and encouraging these past few months. I’ve fallen in love with him all over again.


5 thoughts on “Twenty-Five.

  1. rose4jc2 says:

    25lbs!!! That is awesome! I WI tomorrow morning and I’m trying to be optimistic, but I definitely ate a lot of crap over the weekend! I did do a lot of walking though, it feels good to finally be active again. Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow – that is just great. I wish I could find some of that determination. I thought maybe starting mtgs would kick start me. So far, it’s not great. Luckily, we’re now out of cashews and that will definitely help my recent binge problems with said nut.

    Keep it up – you are a rock star!

  3. Good work! By the way, it seems like you’re not getting enough healthy fats in your diet. If you compare diets where people eat little to no fat and ones where people eat some healthy fats (like peanut butter, olive oil, etc…), the ones who eat the healthy fats LOSE more weight.

    Don’t confuse the “fat” we eat and “fat” on the human body. The “fat” we eat should really be called lipids because they don’t necessarily contribute to weight gain. The problem is that 1 gram of fat has 9 calories, whereas 1 gram of carb/protein has 4 calories so watching your fat (lipid) intake is critical to lower your calorie intake. But by replacing some of your other daily calories with fat calories (in equal amounts, don’t eat more!) you’ll actually lose more weight.

    Try to eliminate all bad fats (butter, whole milk, full fat cheese, bacon) as well as do about 20-30 minutes of rigorous movement per day. That can include like 20 minutes of washing the bathroom, going for a power walk, a run, or that jogging you’re doing.

    Women should have 2 servings (4 Tablespoons) of peanut butter (or other healthy fat) per day, while men should have 3 servings (6 Tablespoons) or peanut butter each day. Don’t go overboard as fat calories add up fast, but it works!

    The Peanut Butter Boy

  4. Julia says:

    Oh no that stinks that the lasagna rolls didn’t turn out! I am a big fan of LC cheese but I have yet to cook with it, I have seen some pasta recipes that call for it though.

    I’m not sure how many points are in the original recipe I have, those were my pre-WW days (or between WW days, since I’ve joined and rejoined 4 times now!) I was just thinking this morning that I should try to make them again, this time more WW friendly, I’ll let you know when I do that! I’m sure I’ll need to cut back on the cheese. I never use FF cheese, it tastes like rubber, so I have to set aside daily points for the part-skim cheese.

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