Food Journal – Tuesday

Breakfast: Strawberry Smoothie & Dry Kashi – 6
Strawberry Smoothie, Recipe by Ellie Krieger (3pts)
1 tsp. Flax seeds (.5pt)
1c. Heart to Heart Cereal, Kashi (2.5pts)

Morning Snack: Honey Almond Granola Bar, Kashi 2
16oz Water

Lunch: Leftovers – 9
1 serving Diet Coke Chicken (4pts for 4oz)
Sandwich Roll, Weight Watchers (2pts)
100 Calorie Sunchips (2pts)
Sugar Free Jello Pudding Cup (1pt)
20oz Black Cherry Sparkling Water

Afternoon Snack: Kettle Korn, Orville Redenbacher – 1

Dinner:  Potluck at Women’s Bible Study – ???

Total Points for the day:

Daily Activity Log
20 minutes of Abs on the exercise ball (it was about as fun as it sounds)


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