Come on! Get Moving!

The temperature spiked up to almost 38 degrees here in Maine today. We couldn’t pass up this opportunity to take the dog for a walk on our favorite beach – Old Orchard. She hasn’t been out for a long walk since the snow starting flying. You know, like in October.

It was much colder than I expected. Luckily I was prepared having dressed in two coats, a hat and gloves. It was low tide so the sand was mostly firm (my preference) but the water “lakes” were plentiful. My socks got wet in the first 5 minutes of arrival. I really hate wet feet. Don’t worry though, I only complained once every 100 steps. I think that showed incredible restraint on my part.

Me and DH

Winter Beach

A very happy puppy

She was glad for the exercise. Months of sloth like behavior were beginning to take a toll on her back side.  Trust me, I sympathize.

Pretty, but the cause of my soggy socks.

Ok, one more of us. My pink hat was a gift from a friend I used to work with in Boston. I miss you Josie! Thanks for keeping my head warm.

I can’t wait until this snow is gone so I can exercise outside regularly.  It’s so much better than the treadmill in the basement.  Ah well, only 8 more weeks of winter.


3 thoughts on “Come on! Get Moving!

  1. rose4jc2 says:

    You doggie is so cute! My husband and I took our belated honeymoon to Maine last summer and LOVE it. We didn’t go to Old Orchard, but we did hit Portland, Bar Harbor, Camden (our favorite), and Ogunquit. I am just dying to go back but now that we live in Kansas I know it will be a long time before we get back there. I am SO jealous you live in Maine!!! That’s where we will move if we win the lottery 😀

  2. Hey – I’ve been sneaking over here, even as I’m on a bloggy break! I’m addicted to the tales of your diet! The pictures here are just gorgeous, I’m so jealous, being so landlocked.

    Best wishes to you – stick with it! I’m following with a happy heart, wondering if I should start back with WW or keep trying to do it myself.

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