Spicy Sunday

I have had a really busy few weeks. Work has been busy, family stuff has been heavy and because we don’t have enough to do we’ve been entertaining or going out almost every night (OK, that part is fun!). I’ve also been cooking up a storm. Some of my favorites this week include: Hungry Girl’s Oatmeal, Corn Dogs, Greek Pita’s with homemade Hummus and Strawberry Cloud Pie.

I also went out a lot this week. Panera for work. Subway for a meeting. And, yesterday we went to the grand opening of Texas Roadhouse with friends, only to find cars parked up and down the road like it was the state fair or something. Needless to say, we moved on. Our second stop was Romano’s Macaroni Grill. This was not my choice at all. Previously in the day I calculated what to order at TR so I could stay within my daily allotted points. Luckily the two hour wait deterred our visit. Half-an-hour later we found ourselves at a quaint little Italian place on the outside of town. I split a plate of cheese ravioli and marinara with a friend, and only ate half (huge portions).

All in all I came out on top this week. I’ve lost another 3lbs – making a grand total of 29lbs…and counting. I think I finally got this dieting thing down. Good Food, Exercise and Dedication do pay off.

Tonight’s meal. . . . . Can you guess what it is???

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Homemade Hummus

After months of begging, my husband finally broke down and bought me a food processor. He was hesitant, because he thought thinks it will end up being just another appliance to collect dust on the counter. But, because I like to prove him wrong every chance I get, I’ve been using it all the time! So far this creamy hummus recipe and Greek pita pocket are by far my favorites. What are yours? I want to hear ’em!!!

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Food Journal – Friday

Breakfast: Pumpkin Oatmeal – 4
Hungry Girl’s Pumpkin Oatmeal (3pts)
Leftover Strawberry Cloud Pie (1pt)

Lunch: Greek Pita with Hummus – 12
2 tbsp Creamy Hummus (1.5pts)
Low carb pita (1pt)
Olives (1pt)
Cucumbers, Tomato, Red Onion, Spinach (0pts)
40g Reduced fat feta cheese (2.5pts)
2 Kashi Trail Mix Cookies (5pts)
Kath’s Pumpkin Yogurt (1pt)

Afternoon Snack: Fiber 1 Peanut butter bar – 3

Dinner: McDonalds – 10
Hamburger (6pts)
4 pack Chicken Nuggets (pts)
Diet Coke (opts)

Evening Snack: Leftover Strawberry Cloud Pie – 1

Total Points for the day: 30

Daily Activity Log
20 minutes brisk walk, 20 minutes jogging!, 100 crunches

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Food Journal – Thursday

Breakfast: Bagel- 7.5
Plain Bagel with Light Cream Cheese, Dunkin Donuts (7.5pts)
20 oz. Water

Morning Snack: String cheese & Banana – 3

Lunch: Moroccan Soup – 7
Moroccan Soup (3pts)
Baked Lays (2pts)
100 Calorie Oreos (2pts)

Dinner: Subway -16
6″ Subway Club (6pts)
Light Mayonnaise (1pt)
A few bits of chips (2pts)
Hungry Girl Strawberry Cloud Pie (1pt)
My friend Jessica’s pudding (est 6pts)

Total Points for the day: 32.5

Daily Activity Log
Nothing athletic. My brain is tired though.

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Corn Dog Good

I’ll admit, this isn’t my first corn dog. Shocked, aren’t you? This is however, my first attempt to make them a) from home and b) “healthy”. Corn dogs were considered a novelty item in my house growing up. My Mother hated novelty items and as a result we never experienced a lot of them ’till well past high school. She grew up “digging in the dirt” for her supper, or something along those lines. Truth is, she is one of 9, and to help alleviate a big grocery bill my grandmother planted big fields of vegetable gardens and my grandfather hunted through the winter for meat. Very Little House on The Prairie, I know.
Anyway back to this millennium.These didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped. They were a little runny on the pan which resulted in flat, oval shaped corn dogs. Not company appropriate for sure. Next time I’ll cut a little liquid out of the regular recipe. Still, they were delicious and since I used 1pt hot dogs, they came out to be 2pts a piece. Score!
I can procrastinate no longer, the treadmill is calling my name…

Without further ado, the recipe…
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