Veggie Delight

It’s leap year, so technically today is an extra day! I celebrated by trying out a recipe I’ve always wanted to try: Spicy Black Bean and Zucchini over at Green Light Bites. Honestly, I really wasn’t prepared for it to knock my socks off because I thought I hated zucchini … well, I was wrong! It’s ridiculously good. You must try it. Right now. Go.


Start by chopping up a zucchini in teeny tiny bits
Saute about 1/4c. of onions in a pan
Mix in 1 8oz can of drained corn (or put a few handfuls of frozen corn, like I did), add 1 tsp. chili powder, 1/2tsp cumin and a 15oz can of drained black beans. Heat through and we’re done! That was easy wasn’t it? Full the full recipe click here.
This is where it gets good!
Grill two corn tortillas on a stovetop grill sprayed with cooking spray (I use Mission Style – 90 calories for 2 – 1pt for both). Add 1/3c Weight Watchers shredded Mexican cheese, melt, and then put 1/3c of Zucchini bean mixture in each.
Top with 1 tbsp. light sour cream.
Lick your plate clean for 6 pts total!
Spicy Black Bean and Zucchini Mixture – 2pts for 2/3c.
Mission White Corn tortillas – 1pt for 2
Weight Watchers Shredded Mexican cheese – 2pts for 1/3c.
Light Sour cream – 1pt for 3 tbsp.

The Spicy Black Bean and Zucchini mixture also turns into great appetizers by using wonton wrappers! Click here for the full recipe!

Careful not to over stuff
Beautiful, crisp and delicious!

7 thoughts on “Veggie Delight

  1. Look at that!! It’s my recipe. HOW COOL!!

    AWESOME PHOTOS! LOL sorry can you tell I get excited when someone likes what I made. LOL

    I’m going to link to you tonight, if you don’t mind.

  2. Jill says:

    Yum! This looks amazing! I am on Weight Watchers Core Plan and this recipe would be SO easy to convert into Core. Thanks so much!

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